Now that 2018 is officially in the bank, it is time for me to spend a little time reflecting on my year. Last year I spent time thinking through what I wanted to accomplish.

So how did I do against my goals from last year?

Being Present. I struggle with being present regardless of whether I am stressed or busy with work or not. Throughout 2018, I actively worked on this subject both in professional and personal environments, and while I was not perfect, there was noticeable improvement in my level of presence. This is something that I will always need to work on, but I am proud of how far I have come on this area. I effectively set boundaries regarding work time, contemplation, and my relationships.

Listen More. Talk Less. In 2018, I had my inner voice actively working. It kept telling me to “shut up and listen”. While I probably ignored the voice more than I probably should have, I find that this year I have learned more about the people in my life than probably ever before. It is tough balancing a career where everyone has something to say with just listening- I am trying. It is something that I will continue to work on, but I hope the people in my life experienced a higher level of attentiveness than previously.

Additional Sources of Income. This year, I decided to concentrate my investments by divesting things that were non-essential. As of this moment, I currently have several web domains that I am planning to sell off to focus my resources on financial investments. I also sold off a bunch of assets that I had lingering around the house collecting dust. There is still a lot of work to do to simplify my life and refocus on recurring revenue sources. I doubled down on my investment portfolio allocations and expanded my portfolio into precious metals. I have a couple of additional opportunities in the works for 2019 – more to come!

Learn How to Program. This goal was a bit of an epic fail! I did buy a book on Python and for 2019 I plan to double down on programming. I have read a variety of different online postings recommending different languages. It seems like JavaScript, Python and Swift are at the top of the list. I have a couple of projects in my pipeline that require programming skills so expect more updates on my programming progress early in 2019.

Travel Abroad. I just wrapped up a 3-week vacation throughout Asia with my better half. We visited Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Hong Kong. I find that I learn more in those very short trips than I do in the years and months leading up to them. Asia trip 2018 allowed me to spend a little time catching up on a few books that I have been meaning to read for quite some time and reflect on my goals for 2019.

Given that I accomplished most of what I wanted to personally in 2018, what do I want to accomplish in 2019?

Connect. One of the things I realized when traveling is how superfluous the relationships that I have with people generally are. For the year I intend to double down and spend more meaningful time with friends and family. It also means branching out and find ways to connect with people with related interests, hobbies, and work.

Move. For the last 10 years I have gotten a little complacent and lazy with my personal fitness. I am not “out of shape” per say but there is a lot of work that I can put in regarding my overall level of fitness. For 2019, I plan to accept all offers to do something active and spend more time on the move. That means less sitting around and more exploring – even within the communities with which I live.

Create. I have a lot of plans to create things that are currently sitting idle. This is the year that I start putting some of those plans in action. Maybe I tackle some of them myself. Maybe some of them I delegate. Ultimately, they don’t do anyone any good sitting on paper or in my head. This means experimenting more and worrying less. Nothing will ever be 100% so go for it. This is one of the things I learned while in Asia. Nothing, not even lack of infrastructure, can impede progress in certain parts of the world.

Simplify. I am a minimalist at heart. Which means excess of things gives me anxiety. In 2019, I don’t plan to go to the extreme of purging all of my belongings like they do at The Minimalist or de-cluttering everything like Marie Kondo recommends. Though, I can afford to purge objects that don’t add any utility or value (e.g. my massive book collection). My Kindle is more than sufficient to serve my literary needs. Simplifying also means I need to stop overthinking things and just go with the simple answer (Occam’s Razor). I plan to not over complicate things in 2019.

I think my list for 2019 should keep me plenty busy. Be on the lookout for my progress.

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