Quantitative Analysis

Over the last several years, I have attempted to take more of a qualitative approach when writing my blog entries; however, moving forward I am going to start integrating quantitative analytical methods into my blog entries.  I intend to provide insight into a broad range of topics including financial and statistical modeling, scenarios, performance indicator metrics, in addition to providing insight into best practices for MS Excel, Access, and eventually VBA (pending my own personal development).  I also hope to chart an analytical framework that will help all who have to analyze large quantities of data to create solutions based on effective decision making.

My shift in direction, has been inspired by an article that I read in the recent edition of the Harvard Business Review entitled “Why Good Spreadsheets Make Bad Strategies”.  From my limited personal experience, I realize that data is often misinterpreted or misapplied resulting in decisions that are in essence based on instinct and justified by data.  This is often a logical explanation for disincentives and value misalignment between stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, suppliers, and personnel.  I hope to provide an indiscriminate framework for analysis and evaluation that will enable effective decision making.  Ultimately quantitative analysis is only as good as the process, assumptions, and data will allow. 

If anyone has any thoughts on this, or content to contribute, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly.

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