Workplace Diversity and Innovation

What role does workplace diversity play in innovation?

In my opinion, workplace diversity is the essence of creating a culture based on ideas, collaboration, and innovation.  Now some people may be looking around their office thinking, “Well I am not like any of these people. I an unique.”  Well this may be true as measured by traditional boundaries such as race, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status; however, diversity extends much further – into areas that determine our thought processes, perceptions, methods, and logic.  Workplace diversity serves a much larger purpose than satisfying regulatory standards and discrimination policies, it supports cultural transformation, boundary spanning, and competition.  Until organizations start harnessing the power of difference, uniting people from various backgrounds, and building collaborative environments, ideas will continue to remain silo-ed and inaccessible.

A friend of mine, recently made the following submission on Youtube.  For those who are interested in understanding the dynamic relationships of people and the importance of diverse workforces, please check out his postings by visiting Vic Maurer’s Channel.  I will provide a little forewarning: this is his first video posting, so it is not entirely refined.

Diversity quite literally is not defined solely in black and white, and it is essential for economic and social prosperity.  I look forward to opening up a dialogue on this to learn more about your perceptions and expectations when it comes to the interconnectedness of workplace diversity and innovation.

2 Comments on “Workplace Diversity and Innovation

  1. Maybe not leading the curve; however, I did beat the Diversity Business Innovation Forum to the punch. A paradigm shift is desperately needed to get people to step out of their traditional ideology and start thinking about problem solving in a much more holistic and diverse fashion.

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