Health Care

Before documenting my thoughts on the Health Care debate, I figured it would be most appropriate to outline my approach. Due to the massive size and scale of this issue, I decided to focus on the primary pillars or levers to creating a Health Care Industry that is profitable for providers, cost effective for consumers, and of the highest quality. The following categories are going to represent the proceeding entries on this topic:

1. Structure: Are relationships between customers, insurers, and providers structured in the most efficient and effective manner?
2. Competition: What does the competitive landscape look like and how does it contribute to a solution?
3. Innovation: Where and how is innovation and technology in the industry derived? How will this contribute to a future solution?

While I collect my thoughts, please enjoy a few of the videos below pertaining to the Health Care topic:

2 Comments on “Health Care

  1. The government has failed in managing so many social services which included wasteful spending, unscrupulous/unethical practices and expeditious depletion of funds. I would like to know why everyone feels the government can run this enormous program when they have failed at running so many of the other social service programs. Also, if nationalized healthcare is the solution, then why are people coming to the US for surgeries in places like Canada, UK and Germany? The current health care situation is terrible, but why make it worse?

  2. In order to understand the problem I think we need to understand the structure and cost drivers. Many are afraid of a national health program; however, I am convinced that such an option is completely off the table. Clearly the government has no interest in becoming the largest HMO nor do they have the capabilities and capacity to do so.

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